For advertisers

Reach users that matter to your business

Developed and marketed by corpusTU, a Swiss-based FinTech startup, Piggybox is an app that offers advertisers a more effective way to reach the right audiences through opt-in advertising.

On the outside, PiggyBox is a fairly simple smartphone app that allows users to earn various rewards by watching videos and answering video-related questions.

Under the hood, however, PiggyBox functions as an ad-network ecosystem—the short videos your audience watches are a mix of ads and other content relevant to your business, while the questions they answer serve to segment them for better ad targeting.

Benefits that PiggyBox offers

PiggyBox is the only ad network that guarantees you will not be paying for bots, but actual traffic. In short: you will only get charged when someone answers a question correctly and successfully avoid bot clicks.

In addition to that, our app ensures your audience interacts with any content you decide to share with them, increasing your user engagement rates and leading to more conversions.

Finally, PiggyBox helps you target your users more precisely and create ads that will bring you the desired results.

No fake traffic or bots

Guaranteed user engagement

Precise targeting options