Terms of Use

1. Scope

corpusTU AG (“corpusTU”), Am Dorfplatz 5, 6045 Meggen, Switzerland operates a website at www.piggybox.io (“Site”) and/or an iOS, Android, Progressive-Web based mobile application called PiggyBox (“App”). Together, the Site and App along with backend technology serve to provide a one-stop source for:

receiving benefits from us or our partner organizations in exchange of shown knowledge about our or their products, donating a part of the received benefits to other individuals or organizations, transferring a part of the received benefits to other individuals or organizations (the “Service”).

These Terms of Use (“TU”) apply to the use of the Site, App and Service.

2. Use


Any natural person who has at least a limited capacity to act, an association of persons, a legal entity is entitled to register and become a user (“User”). The registration can only be done online.


Once a User has registered, a personalized user account is created for him. The creation and maintenance of user accounts is free of charge. The existence of an account entitles the User to use the Service.


Upon registration, the User is obliged to provide true information and update it if necessary. If the User fails to comply with this obligation, he shall bear responsibility for all resulting disadvantages incurred by this.


corpusTU can refuse registration without justification.

3. Service

3.1 Collect

On our Site and App Users have the opportunity and the choice to:

engage with content, provided by us or our partner organizations and prove engagement by answering correctly questions about the content, answer questions and help us or our partner organizations understand better their profile open “surprise”-boxes, provided by us or our partner organizations, and collect virtual or digital coins (“$” or “Coins”), or energy ("↯")

3.2 Spend

Collected Coins can be spent for receiving various benefits from corpusTU or partner organizations.

Collected Energy can be used to speed up appearance of new content.

Defining benefits is left to the sole discretion and choice of corpusTU and its partner organizations.

corpusTU cannot be held liable for content or benefits, provided by partner organizations.

Users must bear in mind that purchased benefits have an expiry date and are not valid after this date. Users cannot redeem unused purchased benefits for Coins.

3.3 Donate

Collected Coins can be donated to:

private persons, associations of persons, legal entities, whose choice is at the sole discretion of corpusTU.

corpusTU will make every possible effort to prove the authenticity of any data and content, provided by the recipients of donations, but cannot be held liable for their genuineness. Users are encouraged to do their own research.

Users and partner organizations are encouraged to suggest potential donation recipients at support@piggybox.io.

Donations recipients can redeem Coins for money (exchange rate provided by corpusTU) or for products, provided by partner organizations at favorable prices, for which corpusTU cannot be held liable.

3.4 Transfer

A User can transfer Coins to any other User at any time. Transfers are irreversible and Users are bearing full responsibility. corpusTU bears no liability in case Users transfer Coins to a wrong recipient.

4. User accounts access


After registration Users can log into their accounts with their user name and password.


Users are advised to keep their user name and password secret. In particular, passwords schould not be recorded. The password can be changed by the participant at any time.

All authorized and unauthorized transactions made using the User's password are considered to be those of the registered User. The User therefore bears all the risks and consequences arising from the use of his or her means of legitimation, including misuse.


In the event of suspicion that a third party has or could have knowledge of the User’s access data, the User must immediately inform corpusTU about this. corpusTU is not liable for damages caused to the User by the unauthorized use of his access data by third parties.

5. Liability


Indemnity claims against corpusTU are excluded regardless of their legal basis, unless corpusTU acted deliberately or through gross negligence.


corpusTU's liability for damages incurred to Users as a result of non-performance of their contractual obligations to third parties, as well as for indirect and consequential damages, such as loss of profit or consequential damages, is excluded.


corpusTU is not liable for damages caused by its partners. Contractual or non-contractual claims arising out of or in connection with services provided by corpusTU’s partners can only be asserted against them.


corpusTU does not guarantee the availability and functionality of its systems at all times and thus the trouble-free operation of the Service. Any liability for damages incurred to Users as a result of transmission errors, technical defects, overloads, interruptions (in particular due to maintenance work), faults or other inadequacies is excluded.


corpusTU assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of any data made available to Users on or through the Site and App. In particular, any information about the Service, including, but not limited to, Collect-, Spend-, Donate-functionalities and number of Coins and Energy percentage is non-binding. corpusTU assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of websites or platforms, which are referenced directly or indirectly (links to affiliates or advertisers) on the Site and App.

6. Termination of Service


Users can terminate usage of the Service at any time by closing their accounts. Accounts can be closed by sending an email to support@corpustu.io.


corpusTU reserves the right to terminate the Service at any time without giving any reason for this or to replace it with another program.

7. Changes to TU


corpusTU may change TU at any time. Users will be informed by publication on the Site or App, or communication via e-mail, or any other suitable means. Changes shall be deemed as approved by an User if no written objection is made within one month of notification, but in any case with the next use of the Service. The rejection of the changes by means of a written objection shall be deemed termination of the Service by the User and closure of his user account.

8. Privacy


The privacy policy is an integral part of these TU. With the acceptance of these terms and conditions, Users also agree to the privacy policy.

9. Marketing purposes


Users agree that corpusTU uses information about them for internal marketing purposes.

10. Jurisdiction, validity of Swiss law


These Site, App and Service, and all eventual legal issues between Users and corpusTU are subject to Swiss material law (materielles Recht). The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all proceedings is Lucerne. corpusTU is however entitled to sue Users at any other competent court jurisdiction and court .


As of April, 2019